TikTok Kultura
About the project
TikTok Kultura is an educational agency that teaches how to promote accounts on TikTok.

The information sector is changing and users are demanding increasingly flexible and modern means of learning. TikTok Kultura has decided to test a new "subscription chat" service, in which the founders of the agency and at the same time TikTok bloggers share their secrets, new ideas, answer questions from the community and also conduct educational broadcasts.
How it works
You pay a monthly fee and join the educational chat!
It remains to find a solution that would help to digitize it.
Our team has developed a Telegram chatbot for TikTok Kultura that fully oversees the process of registration and first payment, withdrawal of monthly payment, reminders about the imminent withdrawal of funds, temporary removal of participants who have not paid , as well as automated reports for the merchant and the owner.
User flow
1. You need to go to the bot and click "start"
2. Leave contact details
3. Make an online payment
4. Get a link to the entry

The bot automatically captures the registration and payment of all users in the Google spreadsheet and sends reminders for coming payments.

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