The magical world of toys
The magical world of toys.
Online and offline children's educational toy store

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Great love
The history of the brand started with great love. Mother's love for her child. And it is well known that every mother wishes her kid the best and even more!

Having at home such a large collection of dolls led to an idea of creation a small online business of selling educational toys.

This business was growing again and again and finally grew up! It all started from an Instagram page and turned into an offline store with big ambitions!

A task for the agency is to create a brand (name, logo, brand book, design of media pages)
The task for the agency is to create a brand (name, logo, brand book, design of media pages)
The store is multi-brand, so a task was to combine different types of children's educational toys under a single name. In addition, at first the toys were positioned for the age of up to 3 y.o., currently the range has expanded to the age of 8-10 years, in the future it is planned to expand the range even more.

Therefore, the original word “toy” in the description of the company’s field of activity is already not entirely correct. /We have questioned ourselves on what could unite children of such different ages and came to the conclusion that this was a “Game”.

What for an adult looks like an empty cardboard box with things scattered aside, for a little boy is perceived as a big castle and a magical forest.
A lunchbox in the bathroom girls perceive as a huge ship that can fit her dolls - the inhabitants of an imaginary world.

This is how a concept of sort of imaginary toy state was born, which we named “Playzia”.

A logo concept is based on a colored and bright planet with the ceaseless holiday.
A new brand has appeared from a no-name store of various toys, which now has regular customers who are happy to buy something for their children.

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