Les Apaches
Parisian restaurant - gangster romanticism
This restaurant is located in Malakoff, a city in the suburbs of Paris. It has been created by Enzo, someone who loves French gastronomy since his childhood.

He started his career in his parents’ restaurant in Paris, then developed further in a network of famous Parisian restaurant; and finally, passionate about his work, he opened his own establishment.
A name with a meaning
Apache was the name of a gang operating in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. They were known for being ruthless and stylishly dressed.

Even if they were criminals, they were very professional virtuosos, with an old-fashioned attitude and respect. These character traits were appealing to growing Enzo, and that name was decided long before he opened his first restaurant.
Our task was to build the identity of the restaurant in a way that will honor its name.

The complexity of the task was that departing from this whole gangster story, we had to show romanticism, to keep the attitude of that period, frivolity and dare.
Following our inspiration, we created a mood board and developed an identity in the spirit of the early 20th century.

Using those ideas, Enzo created the interior of the future restaurant.
A couple of weeks after the opening, everyone in Malakoff was talking about it. It is nearly always fully booked ever since, even though it’s started in the middle of COVID pandemic and all the associated restrictions.

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